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So someone left a comment on Double Deuce, to the effect that it was "... too bad they didn't give Peter [Quill] the iPod as well as the Walkmen."  I suppose yes, Tony and Natasha could have sacrificed an iPod to their new friend. This is what happens when he discovers he wants the thing after all, it'll give him an excuse to come back!

"So, StarBrite. You decided to grace us with your presence again? What did you take out this time to hide your landing -- the Eastern Sea Board?"

"Didn't bother with that this time. That guy Donald Trump is giving a speech tonight, and the bullshit meters are so off the chart no one'll notice."

It's a fair cop, Tony figures; the media can only deal with one alien apparition at a time, and surely Trump's rug has the market cornered.

"So why are you here, then? Walkman back to crawling again?"

Quill shrugs diffidently.

"You mentioned that gadget last time. The one with 2,000 songs? That for real? Can I have one?"

Tony gives him a measuring look.  Guy travels halfway across the Milky Way for extra tunes?  This ought to be worth something.

"Faster than light drives are an interesting thing. Almost as good as iPhones."

Quill is pretty quick on the uptake.  He is also appalled.

"You expect me to trade the specs for a Xanarian FTL drive for some music? You ever hear of the Prime Directive, oh homo barely erectus?"

Tony ignores the jab at his virility, and starts whistling the first few bars of I still haven't found what I'm looking for."

Quill wilts visibly.

"Fine.  You can have a look at my engine."

"And you can listen to, oh... Let me see. Two songs?"

The Lord of the Stars grinds his jaw, and matters are close to a standoff when Romanoff walks into the room. She barely raises an eyebrow; she or Barton must have noticed the spacecraft on the helipad from their balcony in the top of the tower.

"Mr. Quill," she says, as if people like him dropped by at the Tower every day. (Okay, sometimes it seems like they do, not the point.)

"Here, catch."

The thing she tosses at him is flat, rectangular and shiny, and looks suspiciously like an iPod.

"What are you doing, Romanoff?"

Tony is incensed; the Black Widow just shrugs.

"Coulson brought that back from New Mexico. Clint found it in his effects when we all thought he was dead, and 'forgot' to give it back to him. Now that he wears hearing aids, he doesn't like using it anymore."

Quill turns his prize over in his hands, a small, triumphant smile spreading across his scruffy features.

"Thanks," he says, and turns back towards the helipad, keen to start broadening his musical horizons. But just as he gets to the French doors, he turns around.

"Don't tell me that all the songs on this thing are by that Darcy Lewis?"
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