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... But right now my part of Canada looks like this:

Autumnal picspam! )
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... quoth hubby as he located the ur-root of the false bamboo that has been sprouting up all around (and through and out of) our deck for a decade.  (He dismantled the step from the dining room to get to it ...)  Personally, I think he's being optimistic and all he got was a piece of the White Tower ...  But man, it was a lot of work pulling that shit out.  Mama Bamboo and a thousand babies.  My back is killing me.

The neighbours took down the old fence and this weekend was the sweet spot before the new one goes up, so we had unique access -- minus the bit where the post holes have been dug, so it was a bit like mining an asteroid, craters and all, and mind your step, dear.  We doused any remaining shreds of possible false bamboo root with our precious single leftover litre of Round Up.  (The stuff is now illegal in Ontario; we Canadians are a polite people, and apparently don't believe in something that is Effective At Killing Things.)  I can only hope that hubby followed instructions and did NOT allow it to get near the good shrubbery....

A thing I learned:  don't wear a woolly sweater when weeding.  I must have picked a trillion seeds out of mine.

Oh, kidlet is sick and I have to get up at 4 am to catch the 6:30 flight to New York.  My life is pure bliss.
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So we're back, after a week in London -- the perfect business trip., with family!


The underground has a loooong way to go before it's fully accessible.  Haven't walked this much in years -- thanks to my new titanium body part -- but ye gods, those stairs in the tube almost killed me.

It was wonderful seeing some of our fave sights (see Neal's Yard in Seven Dials, and the Grand Union Canal below) through the eyes of our kidlet. And she got an "A" in the presentation on Roman dress that she put together for her Latin class, based on photos and information obtained in the British Museum and the V&A, and turned into a power point on the plane (the price of 3 days out of school ...). She found it all a bit overwhelming at times though, and we had to take the occasional break to watch ducks puddle around in a major park.

Les Miz has stood the test of time.  The little flat we rented in Marylebone gave us a nice place to come home to.  My friend Kate hasn't changed one little bit.  18 years after we won the British team epee championship, I need new knees and a new shoulder -- and she still fences.  Jealousy doesn't even begin to describe it.

Oh and work? Went well, too -- mine and hubby's.  :-)

Neal's Yard photo DSC_0761_zps72243356.jpg

Grand Union Canal photo DSC_0710_zps367fbad8.jpg
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