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Thank you for writing a story for me!

Here's what I like:

Competence porn.  Banter.  Smart- and badassery.  Professionals doing what they are good at, and damn the bureaucracy. Respectful relationships with everyone, although I can make exceptions when the guys leave the toilet seats up.

I like the guys generally, so am perfectly happy to have them show up in the background, via cameo or reference (including inferred relationships).

Happy with crossovers (e.g. between Avengers/Thor/IM/Cap movies, Agents of SHIELD, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Here's what I'm not fussed by:

Romantic or sexual relationships for their own sake -- I prefer a good character piece, friendship or mission!fic to people jumping into bed just because fanfic.  Women being established as superior by virtue of making the guys look like incompetent morons. (Putzes in ordinary life, they can be, of course!)

I don't really care for Daredevil, and haven't seen Jessica Jones, so appearances by characters from those shows will be lost on me.

Not a fan of death!fic.  At all.  And please no torture, graphic violence, A/O/B, and the like.
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Okay, so I'm nuts.  Signing up ...

Dear Author who might write me a story (or want me to write one):

Here's what I like in my female characters: BAMFyness; intelligence; competence; friendship; respect; banter; humour; snark; willingness to unleash her inner girl occasionally.

What I don't like (but if you did, you probably wouldn't be here):  woobification.

Relationships with men (if you want to go there, and that's fine because I love my boys, too): equality (I don't thrive on fics where competence is a zero sum game); respect; romance and sex yes, but also friendship.  Eyerolls at the things guys do are perfectly natural acceptable. Sex is fine.

Relationships with other women: Friendship (I'm not a huge slash fan, tbh), collegiality, camaraderie, mentorship, partnership, fun times and fighting together.

Squicks/no go's:  Non/dub-con; A/B/O; mpreg; major character death (OCs are ok); torture and graphic violence; baby!fic.
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Seen this on a number of friends' pages, and thought it was fun to try.  I dropped off three (3!!!!) fics, were the first line was actually given to me as part of a challenge -- assume that's fair, no? The order is backwards, by publication date on FFN; this skews matters a wee bit as the date they use to sort things on your profile page is that of the last chapter, not the first but generally it works.  Also, I've only done eight Avengers stories, as opposed to a gazillion Star Trek: Voyager ones.

What did I discover through this exercise?  Well, looks like I tend to start in the middle of things.  Also, apparently, I luuuurve italics (excuse:  that's because I use them a lot for deep POV/interior monologue).  And I mostly write in the present tense now (I recall a discussion with a writer friend where I asserted -- nay, insisted -- that I could never do that.  Go figureI

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