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Title: Homeward Bound:  The Adventures of the USS Avenger in the Delta Quadrant
Author: [ profile] alphaflyer
A Gift For: [ profile] celeste9
Rating:  Teen
Warnings: None (some off-screen death and movie-level cataclysms
Prompt used: I really, really love team fic, so please feel free to include any other characters you like. I enjoy clever AUs where the characters still remain recognizable in different circumstances... And here was the ringer, the thing that made me jump at Celeste's prompt: Star Trek fusion with Clint and Natasha in Starfleet. How could I resist...
Summary: Sent to track the rebel ship Black Widow and to try and persuade her captain and certain of her crew members to work with Starfleet in defeating the Chitauri invaders, the USS Avenger under Captain S. Rogers finds itself displaced to the other side of the galaxy.
Author Notes: This prompt was a no-brainer for me, since I already had my cast of AU characters all lined up thanks to a request I picked up during last year's December Talking Meme. Plus, my first two years in fandom I wrote exclusively for Star Trek: Voyager, so... :-)

Of course, though, I would pick a topic that begs to be a $#%&ing epic, in a summer when RL is kicking me in the teeth with, among other things, a transatlantic move.  Needless to say, the epic did not happen.  But I think I got enough of the story together to give my giftee a sense of where it is headed (with a bit of interim closure) -- and there's a promise that there will be more to come!! (Right after I get my MarvelBang under some kind of control...)

I hope my Giftee will forgive me that this isn't complete.  Me, I'm just happy that I managed to slide in under the wire...

Homeward Bound: The Adventures of the USS Avenger in the Delta Quadrant (Parts 1 and 2) )
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Author: [ profile] alphaflyer
Title: Five Times the Captain Ignored the Doctor (And One Time She Didn't
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Characters: Kathryn Janeway, The Doctor

Summary: What it says on the tin.

Written for the VAMB Secret Drabble Exchange -- I took it seriously, and did sux actual 100 word drabbles.  (Minus the titles.)

Read it on FFN
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Title: Guns Away
Fandom: Star Trek Voyager
Characters/Relationships: Kathryn Janeway/Tom Paris; Tuvok, Chakotay; Harry Kim; Neelix
Rating: T, for mild sexual innuendo
Warnings: none, unless you're squicked by icky food stuffs
Summary: If shooting your mouth off is not a good idea, you can always weaponize Neelix' cooking.

A/N:  This one was written for the VAMB Secret Drabble exchange (word limit 1,300, so "drabble" is being used loosely). As soon as I read the brilliant first-line prompt provided by kjaneway100, all I could think of was Mae West ... And then this happened. And I find myself begging, like Prospero, As you from crimes would pardoned be, Let your indulgence set me free.

Pure fluff, with no redeeming features and no connection to my other stories involving the relationship - platonic or otherwise - between the Captain and her helmsman. Set post-"Threshold" and "Investigations", A/U if you will, but canon-consistent in theory. (Who knows what the crew got up to in between episodes, right?)

Thanks to my ever-faithful Runawaymetaphor for cheerleading. I own nothing of Voyager but the friendships it produced while writing about it.

Read it on AO3

or on FFN

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Title: Possibilities
Rating: PG13
Warnings: some swearing, sci fi violence
Characters/Pairing: Tom Paris, B'Elanna Torres, Kathryn Janeway, Mike Ayala, Ken Dalby, Harry Kim
Tags: action/adventure, light angst, technobabble.
Summary:  It's early days in the Delta Quadrant. Stuck on a shuttle with three suspicious Maquis and a 'Fleeter who won't give him the time of day, Tom Paris finds trust impossible to come by. And that was BEFORE the Vidiians attacked...
Notes: This was written for Delwin, as part of the 2013 VAMB Secret Santa exchange. She asked for a "Starfleet and Maquis crews blending (more or less successfully as the author chooses) story featuring Paris, Torres or both. Banter and/or technobabble a plus" -- and was there ever a more perfect prompt? The story takes place early in Season #1, shortly after "The Phage." As it happens, Delwin – soul sister! - drew my prompt in the same exchange (neither of us knew we were writing for the other…) and wrote the absolutely wonderful "Blind Draw", for which this could almost be a companion piece. Please check it out!

Huge thanks are due to my bellwether, Runawaymetaphor, whose faithful administration of the does-it-suck? test has become vital to my mental health. I own nothing of Star Trek except two Tom Paris action figures, a couple of Borg mugs and two plush Andorians.

On AO3


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Title: Free Lunch
Author: alphaflyer
Rating: General
Characters/Pairings: Tom Paris/B'Elanna Torres; Harry Kim; Kathrun Janeway; Neelix; Chakotay; Tuvok: 7/9
Disclaimer: I don't own anything of Star Trek except a complete collection of TNG, VOY and DS9 DVDs, plus two Tom Paris action figure (one mutated).
Warnings: None
Summary: Lunch in the Delta Quadrant isn't all it's cracked up to be -- or is maybe it is ...?  Humour and crack.  Eat before reading!

Read it here:

On FFN, where Voyager is actually popular )

or here:

On AO3, where the audience is very ... select )
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Seen this on a number of friends' pages, and thought it was fun to try.  I dropped off three (3!!!!) fics, were the first line was actually given to me as part of a challenge -- assume that's fair, no? The order is backwards, by publication date on FFN; this skews matters a wee bit as the date they use to sort things on your profile page is that of the last chapter, not the first but generally it works.  Also, I've only done eight Avengers stories, as opposed to a gazillion Star Trek: Voyager ones.

What did I discover through this exercise?  Well, looks like I tend to start in the middle of things.  Also, apparently, I luuuurve italics (excuse:  that's because I use them a lot for deep POV/interior monologue).  And I mostly write in the present tense now (I recall a discussion with a writer friend where I asserted -- nay, insisted -- that I could never do that.  Go figureI

21 First Lines )
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Here's Part 2a.  It's too big to post in one piece -- damn you, LJ!!!

CHOICES - Part 2: Crimes and Misdemeanours )
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So now that I've figured out how to make tags happen, I thought I'd start posting all my stories, including the Voyager ones, to my LJ.  "Choices" is my first ever story, the one that broke the decades-long spell that prevented me from allowing my creative side to see the light of day, and to allow others to see things that were residing only inside my head.  I would love it only for that.

Now I know it's fashionable to say that "ah, it's my first one, don't bother, I've gotten better."  And yes, I have gotten better at this writing thing, I know that.  BUT.  This is also the story that (I've been told) was discussed at a Star Trek Convention in London as one of the best post-Endgame scenarios out there; the one that is, hit for hit (it was published as a one-shot) my most widely read story with almost 6,000 hits so far; and the one that in terms of "favourite" pings ranks in the top 10 of all 8,000+ Voyager stories on FFN and is still climbing.  So -- fuck modesty.  I'm proud of this one.

Original date of publication February 13, 2011.  (LJ makes me post it in far more than the four parts it has... Links below.)

Choices - Part 1: Welcome Home )
CHOICES Part 2a )
Choices Part 2b )
CHOICES Part 2c )
CHOICES Part 3a )
CHOICES Part 3b )
CHOICES Part 3c )
CHOICES Part 4a )
CHOICES Part 4b )
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