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Written for the PicFic Contest on [ profile] rennerobsession, for a pic I have, quite frankly, been considering quite frequently as we all chew our collective fingernails waiting for Age of Ultron.  (I ignored the heads of the film crew/civilians stuck in the forefront).

Rules are, no longer than 600 words.  I managed to come in at 598.  Go, me!  There were two other great ficlets posted in response to the challenge, so I'm planning on just being content with having finally gotten some emerging head canon off my chest (to wit, that Clint rescues Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver from that HYDRA facility where we see them imprisoned in the post-credits scene in CA:TWS, and that said facility is in the mountains of Serbia).

Here's the picture )

And here's the ficlet:

Mountain Interlude )

Also here on AO3, if you prefer to read it there (as Chapter 8 of "Moments").
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Written for the be_compromised Valentine’s Day Promptathon – more specifically for franztastisch, and her prompt Clint and Natasha are drifters on the railroads.

The time is the mid-1930s. Because I said that I’d never write an A/U; because I just returned from a trip to a dust bowl of a country; and because Springsteen’s Thunder Road came up on my playlist today and gave me a title that cried out for a story.

Show a Little Faith
(There’s Magic in the Night)

Read it on AO3

Or right here, under the cut )
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