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2017-02-25 10:39 pm

FIC: The Bowling Green Massacre (T, no warnings)

Title: The Bowling Green Massacre
Authors: [ profile] alphaflyer and [ profile] inkvoices
Rating/Warnings:  T (some swearing, movie-level violence)
Word Count: 6,600
Summary: Fallaces sunt rerum species.  The truth isn’t all things to all people all of the time.
Author Notes:    Written for the [ profile] be_compromised Valentine's Day Promptathon
No cows were harmed in the making of this fic, although we can't say the same of the Brooklyn mafia. The views on protesters, capitalism and politics enunciated herein are strictly those of the characters.
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2016-11-13 07:40 pm

FIC: "Seventh Crow" (PG13, no warnings)

[ profile] inkvoices and I did The Thing!  :D

Eighteen months in the making, this almost fell victim to Real Life.  But Ink persevered, encouraged me, inspired me, held my hand...

Title: "Seventh Crow"
Author name:  Alphaflyer
Artist name: inkvoices
Beta name: inkvoices, jrbarton
Characters/Pairing: Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff; James Bond & Eve Moneypenny; Q; M; Nick Fury; Maria Hill (cameo); Tony Stark (cameo);
Fandom/Universe: MCU/Avengers, James Bond/007 (Craig movies)
Rating: PG13
Word count: 34,000
Warnings: Canon-typical violence; swearing; two or three allusions to recent traumatic election processes
Summary: "One for sorrow, Two for joy ..."  A long life in intelligence has taught M one thing above all: Criminal organizations are like a tick embedded in the skin of humanity; you can never be sure you have pulled out the entire thing. What remains causes disease to take hold and fester.

Read it on AO3: Seventh Crow

Art and video by Inkvoices also on AO3 Guys, watch the video!!  It's awesome!!!

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2016-09-17 08:02 pm

FIC: "Nocturne" (PG13, no warnings apply)

Author: Alpha Flyer
Title:  Nocturne
Characters/Relationships:  Pepper Potts, Clint Barton, Rocket Raccoon (background Tony/Pepper, Clint/Natasha)
Rating:  PG-13
Warnings: None (unless you find some swearing warning-worthy)
Summary: At night you meet the oddest people, and garbage can become a matter of perspective.

Author's Note: This one was meant for the Promptathon, written to my own prompts (because, it seems, that's something I do).  But... Real Life and deadlines are incompatible at times, so here it is, two weeks late.

Read it on AO3
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2016-07-26 09:59 pm

FIC: Diamonds and Rust (PG-13, Gen)

Author: [ profile] alphaflyer
Title:  "Diamonds and Rust"
Rating:  PG-13 (no warnings)
Characters: Clint Barton, Kate Bishop, Lucky the Pizza Dog
Relationships: Clint & Kate

Summary:  Kate is back.  There's going to be laundry.

Written for [ profile] franztastisch, for the Franzi's & Gecko's friends write stuff for each other exchange on AO3. A tag to Hawkeye #22.

Read it here!  
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2016-06-04 07:19 pm
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FIC: "The Futurist" (Gen, PG-13)

Title:  "The Futurist"
Characters:  Tony Stark (plus everyone is in his head: Clint Barton, Natasha Romanov, Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers, Peter Parker, Laura Barton, heck - even Scott Lang, even if he can't remember the guy's name)
Relationships:  Sorta, but only if you squint: Tony/Pepper, and way in the background, Clint/Laura
Summary:  Tony, rattling around.

A/N:  If you read my Civil War review, you will have guessed that those Sokovia Accords really bugged me, from a legal standpoint.  Plus, I thought Tony wasn't done thinking about what happened.

Read it on AO3
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2016-03-19 10:41 pm
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FIC: Tell Me On A Sunday (T, no warnings)

Author: alphaflyer
Title:  "Tell Me On A Sunday"
Characters: Laura Barton, Clint Barton, (Nick Fury, Natasha Romanoff -- background)
Summary: When the black car turns into the long driveway that leads up to the farm, Laura knows it can mean nothing good.

A/N:  Written for a long overdue Halloween treat (I assume no one checks that post anymore, so I'm posting the story here ...) for foolondahill17, and for findthesea, who once said she was wondering how Laura fares, always waiting for the worst on that farm.

Read it on AO3
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2016-02-18 11:05 pm

FIC: "Red Wedding" (Parts 3 and 4; rated Teen)

So, this is still unedited and unbeta'd (meaning not quite ready for prime time/AO3), but I promised it for tonight and I'm already past the deadline, so ...

Warnings in this section for an instance of domestic violence.

Red Wedding, Parts 3 and 4 )
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2016-02-17 11:16 pm
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FIC: "Red Wedding" (Parts 1 and 2 of 4; rated T; movie-level violence)

Written for [ profile] kiss_me_cassie's prompt "Mission:  Wedding".  Alas, it got away from me a bit lengthwise and hence isn't quite finished yet, but I wanted to post it before the promptathon turns into a pumpkin!  (Hope the mods allow ...) Parts 3 and 4 should be done tomorrow, at which point I will also edit this baby and post it on AO3. Unfinished and unbeta'd because time constraints, RL and nasty cold.

Red Wedding )
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2016-01-24 07:11 pm
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FIC: "By the Book" (T, no warnings apply)

Author: [ profile] alphaflyer
Title: By the Book
Characters: Clint Barton, Kate Bishop, Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, Lucky the Pizza Dog, Jessica Dawson (Background), Bobbi Morse (Background)
Relationships: Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton & Kate Bishop
Length: app 8,400 words
Summary: Clint Barton's love life isn't just a car crash, it's a multi-vehicle pile-up. Kate decides to lend a hand.

Author's Note: This story was initially written for a Hawkeye Bang, from which I had to withdraw when I got sucked into an RL vortex. The piece draws most of its inspiration from the Matt Fraction Hawkeye run (without being slavishly canon compliant), with a dash of Avengers Assemble #5 and a hint at events from the MCU. A mash-up, really, but that’s what fanfic is for, right?

Thanks to my beloved beta, [ profile] jrbarton. I added a few bits after she was done, so any glitches are mine. A belated birthday present for [ profile] geckoholic.

Read it on AO3
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2016-01-11 10:41 pm

Dear MCU exchange author ...

Thank you for writing a story for me!

Here's what I like:

Competence porn.  Banter.  Smart- and badassery.  Professionals doing what they are good at, and damn the bureaucracy. Respectful relationships with everyone, although I can make exceptions when the guys leave the toilet seats up.

I like the guys generally, so am perfectly happy to have them show up in the background, via cameo or reference (including inferred relationships).

Happy with crossovers (e.g. between Avengers/Thor/IM/Cap movies, Agents of SHIELD, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Here's what I'm not fussed by:

Romantic or sexual relationships for their own sake -- I prefer a good character piece, friendship or mission!fic to people jumping into bed just because fanfic.  Women being established as superior by virtue of making the guys look like incompetent morons. (Putzes in ordinary life, they can be, of course!)

I don't really care for Daredevil, and haven't seen Jessica Jones, so appearances by characters from those shows will be lost on me.

Not a fan of death!fic.  At all.  And please no torture, graphic violence, A/O/B, and the like.
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2015-11-29 04:13 pm
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FICLET: "Country Boy" (G, no warnings -- unless you have issues with booze)

A precious few free minutes, while the coffee was dripping and my husband not yet out of the shower, coincided with a prompt from [ profile] meatball42 over on [ profile] be_compromised:  "Making Moonshine."  The result: distilled fluff.

Country Boy )

Also on AO3, here, as part of "Moments" (a collection in which you find 20 other ficlets of varying moods, tone, AOU compliance and quality).
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2015-11-04 07:46 pm
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FICLET: What Happens in Vegas (T, no warnings)

Written for [ profile] clarahow and the [ profile] be_compromised Halloween trick-or-treat meme.  Expect no substance here.

“Remind me why I have to wear that stupid fedora again? It wrecks my sightlines.”

Ficlet under the cut )
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2015-10-17 12:10 am

FICLET: Ace in the Hole (G, no warnings)

So someone left a comment on Double Deuce, to the effect that it was "... too bad they didn't give Peter [Quill] the iPod as well as the Walkmen."  I suppose yes, Tony and Natasha could have sacrificed an iPod to their new friend. This is what happens when he discovers he wants the thing after all, it'll give him an excuse to come back!

Ace in the Hole )
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2015-08-02 09:53 pm

FIC: Homeward Bound: The Adventures of the USS Avenger in the Delta Quadrant (T, no warnings)

Title: Homeward Bound:  The Adventures of the USS Avenger in the Delta Quadrant
Author: [ profile] alphaflyer
A Gift For: [ profile] celeste9
Rating:  Teen
Warnings: None (some off-screen death and movie-level cataclysms
Prompt used: I really, really love team fic, so please feel free to include any other characters you like. I enjoy clever AUs where the characters still remain recognizable in different circumstances... And here was the ringer, the thing that made me jump at Celeste's prompt: Star Trek fusion with Clint and Natasha in Starfleet. How could I resist...
Summary: Sent to track the rebel ship Black Widow and to try and persuade her captain and certain of her crew members to work with Starfleet in defeating the Chitauri invaders, the USS Avenger under Captain S. Rogers finds itself displaced to the other side of the galaxy.
Author Notes: This prompt was a no-brainer for me, since I already had my cast of AU characters all lined up thanks to a request I picked up during last year's December Talking Meme. Plus, my first two years in fandom I wrote exclusively for Star Trek: Voyager, so... :-)

Of course, though, I would pick a topic that begs to be a $#%&ing epic, in a summer when RL is kicking me in the teeth with, among other things, a transatlantic move.  Needless to say, the epic did not happen.  But I think I got enough of the story together to give my giftee a sense of where it is headed (with a bit of interim closure) -- and there's a promise that there will be more to come!! (Right after I get my MarvelBang under some kind of control...)

I hope my Giftee will forgive me that this isn't complete.  Me, I'm just happy that I managed to slide in under the wire...

Homeward Bound: The Adventures of the USS Avenger in the Delta Quadrant (Parts 1 and 2) )
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2015-06-16 10:39 pm

FIC: Angel of Mercy, Angel of Death (T, war time violence)

Title:  Angel of Mercy, Angel of Death
Author: [ profile] alphaflyer
Rating:  T
Warnings:  war time violence

Summary: Clint Barton turns up in a refugee camp that is under attack -- but is he the answer to a prayer, or a just another nightmare? An aid worker's perspective.

Author's note: Sometimes it bears remembering what “master assassins” actually do for a living, and why the MCU goes to some pains to show us that being saved by the Avengers can be a distinctly mixed blessing. Inspired by the lyrics of Angel of Death, by HoneyHoney.

A companion piece, of sorts, to "In the Service".

Read it on AO3 or FFN
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2015-05-31 05:05 pm
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FIC: "Savile Row" (NC-17)

Title:  Savile Row
Author:  Alpha Flyer
Rating:  NC-17
Warnings: Sexy times.  Also some off-stage assassin-y stuff.
Relationship:  Clint/Natasha
Summary: Sometimes, Natasha thinks, working for S.H.I.E.L.D. has its advantages – one of the more immediate ones being the privilege of seeing Hawkeye in a tuxedo.

Author's Note: First posted on LJ for the [ profile] towerparty flashfic smut challenge, to [ profile] paperclipbitch’s prompt “it's criminal when you whisper in my ear.” (Confession time:  Being me, I had to stick in a bit of mission!fic, so the thing got out of hand a bit in terms of length, and I had to beg our mod for an extra 90 minutes to finish.  This version is edited and cleaned up a bit.)
Also, AoU?  What AoU?

PS:  I don't usually write smut. This felt a bit ... awkward.

Find it on AO3
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2015-05-17 08:15 am

FICLET: "Openings" (PG, no warnings)

Title:  "Openings"  (posted as Chapter 19 of "Moments"
Author: [ profile] alphaflyer
Rating:  PG
Warnings:  None apply (except possible sugar shock from excessive fluffiness)
Characters/Relationships:  Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff

Summary: Clint asks Natasha for dating advice.

Author's Note:  At one point, [ profile] igrockspock left a bunch of prompts on her journal, one of which was Clint asking Natasha for dating advice even though she isn't exactly the right person.  I couldn’t find where she left it (or the exact wording), but it sounded like fun so it rattled around in my mind...  It was probably supposed to be headed elsewhere, but I chose the ship travelling down De Nile.

Read it here on AO3
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2015-05-08 11:26 am

FIC: "Holding Out For A Hero" (PG13, no warnings; AOU spoilers)

Author: [ profile] alphaflyer
Story:  Holding Out For A Hero
Rating:  PG13
Characters/Relationships:  Clint Barton/Laura Barton; Cooper Barton; Clint Barton & Natasha Romanoff (background)
Beta:  Kylen

Summary:  Cooper Barton pens an essay about his Dad.  Laura does damage control; Clint helps (sort of).

Note: I will go down with my ship, but that doesn't mean I can't play in those new fields that have suddenly opened up, does it?

Read it on AO3
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2015-05-03 04:21 pm

FIC: "Vigil" (Gen, PG-13)

Author: [ profile] alphaflyer
Title: Vigil
Rating: Teen/PG-13:
Warnings: Children in a traumatic situation
Characters/Relationships: Pietro Maximoff & Wanda Maximoff

Summary: Pietro and Wanda, waiting.

There is much in Age of Ultron to explore -- but one scene broke my heart. When I picked up the pieces, I found this story. (I used the occasion to restore the twins' ethnicity from the comics, just because I can.)

Read on AO3 or FFN
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2015-04-16 10:09 pm
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FIC: Rain on the Scarecrow (PG 13, no warnings; AOU spoilers)

Title: Rain on the Scarecrow
Author: alphaflyer
Rating: PG13
Warnings: None (unless potential spoilering counts?)
Characters: Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Thor, Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Pietro and Wanda Maximoff,spoiler character )

Summary: When the Avengers need a respite, Hawkeye knows where to take them.

A/N:  I haven’t seen Age of Ultron yet, so tagging this as containing “AOU spoilers” is perhaps a bit of a stretch. But I’ve seen the trailers, of course, and read some of the speculation, especially about “That Farm” and the people on it -- it is those that inspired this tale. So if you want to remain completely unspoiled for anything you might see, do not read further until you have seen the film.

I have no illusions that any of this – including the powers I’m ascribing to Scarlett Witch or to the Mind Gem in Loki’s sceptre – will turn up as part of MCU, or are comics canon. Nor is this intended as the opening shot of a shipping war, character erasure, or anything of such a silly nature. Consider this an AU, a work of highly speculative (fan) fiction; what it boils down to is that this is a story I wanted to tell, as a fan of both Hawkeye and the Black Widow, and the things their stories and experiences bring to the Avengers.

The title is taken from John Mellencamp’s eponymous song; [ profile] spyforaday may not even remember suggesting it to me as a “Clint-type of song" but she did, so this story is for her. Infinite thanks are due to my BFF Runawaymetaphor and to [ profile] geckoholic, who collectively made this much better than it started out.