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alphaflyer: (Clint Ultron 2)
Author: [ profile] alphaflyer
Story:  Holding Out For A Hero
Rating:  PG13
Characters/Relationships:  Clint Barton/Laura Barton; Cooper Barton; Clint Barton & Natasha Romanoff (background)
Beta:  Kylen

Summary:  Cooper Barton pens an essay about his Dad.  Laura does damage control; Clint helps (sort of).

Note: I will go down with my ship, but that doesn't mean I can't play in those new fields that have suddenly opened up, does it?

Read it on AO3
alphaflyer: (Proton)
Author: [ profile] alphaflyer
Title: Five Times the Captain Ignored the Doctor (And One Time She Didn't
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Characters: Kathryn Janeway, The Doctor

Summary: What it says on the tin.

Written for the VAMB Secret Drabble Exchange -- I took it seriously, and did sux actual 100 word drabbles.  (Minus the titles.)

Read it on FFN
alphaflyer: (Hawkeye Aja silhouette)
Author: [ profile] alphaflyer
Title: Vigil
Rating: Teen/PG-13:
Warnings: Children in a traumatic situation
Characters/Relationships: Pietro Maximoff & Wanda Maximoff

Summary: Pietro and Wanda, waiting.

There is much in Age of Ultron to explore -- but one scene broke my heart. When I picked up the pieces, I found this story. (I used the occasion to restore the twins' ethnicity from the comics, just because I can.)

Read on AO3 or FFN
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I'm a mixture of excited and apprehensive.  I think the main issue is that I (many of us) have spent the last three years building up head canons about relationships and ways in which this 'verse should develop, and of course the MCU and Whedon are in no way beholden to our fantasies.  So it'll be like a brushfire, going through established shrubbery -- and hopefully providing rich, fertile soil for new growth.

I think I will cling to my warm, soft kidlet through most of it.

In other news, I just finished my Voyager Secret Drabble exchange (I did a 5+1, with actual 100-word drabbles).  Which means I can sniff aorund the rules for the exchange mentioned by [ profile] tielan and [ profile] igrockspock's remix...  Or should I just write something for the great prompts I got last week?  And save my energy for Marvel_bang?  Oh, decisions, decisions.
alphaflyer: (Hawkeye Aja silhouette)

A warning:  these thoughts are likely not to be popular...

I was looking forward to this one, based on all the enthusiastic comments I'd read here and on tumblr, [ profile] findthesea's stories and other stuff.  And yes, the acting is good, the cinematography is interesting, and the whole idea of a storyline built on the fallout from the Battle of New York and rooted in real-life things like municipal corruption and organized crime is right up my alley, in terms of plot.

But you know what? Three episodes in, and I'm ready to give up.  Here's why -- it boils down to concerns related to violence and ethics.

1. Excessive, unnecessary violence. So, yeah.  Gritty realism is what they're aiming for, I get that.  And yes, the "Murdoch boys" come from a culture of boxing and fighting and spitting out blood.  Not something I am wildly fond of, but I can go with it for the sake of a premise, and character back story.  But bashing someone's head in with a bowling ball (blood-spattered perp as a bonus), showing splintered bone sticking out of someone's arm, seeing someone impale his eyeball on a spike is something I expect from a Tarantino movie, not Marvel.  "Nice show," muttered my husband. "So ...that happened...." remarked one of the teens watching.  Consensus of all 7 of us on movie night was not to watch another episode that night (we watched a "Newsroom" instead.)

2. Realism is ... Balancing a legal practice with night-time vigilantism (sleep much?) is arguably a very tricky thing.  But taking a client only to find out what motivates him, and attcking him as soon as you get him off and basically torturing information out of him?  Can we spell d-i-s-b-a-r-m-e-n-t?  Seriously -- if you don't actually believe in such things as the rule of law and professional ethics/conduct, why bother pretending to be a lawyer?  Sorry, but that premise is so, so wrong, it's not funny.

3. Torture is a good idea (when done by the hero, for presumably Good And Cogent Reasons, and bearing in mind the Greater Good). No.  Just .... no.

You may perceive a slight contradiction here, with these comments coming from someone who writes about a pair of assassins who go around killing people on behalf of a somewhat shady Government organization.  And you wouldn't be wrong.  No one ever said we are creatures of consistency.  But I guess what got to me with Daredevil is the attempt to root the whole thing in "reality" -- at which point I bring some of my reality to it (the perverted approach to law) -- and the excess "darkness"/"grittiness" or whatever the fashionable term du jour is for what amounts to cinematic representation of brutal violence.

So yeah -- line drawn.  Not a fan.  Sorry, Marvel.

alphaflyer: (Hawkeye Aja silhouette)
Title: Rain on the Scarecrow
Author: alphaflyer
Rating: PG13
Warnings: None (unless potential spoilering counts?)
Characters: Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Thor, Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Pietro and Wanda Maximoff,spoiler character )

Summary: When the Avengers need a respite, Hawkeye knows where to take them.

A/N:  I haven’t seen Age of Ultron yet, so tagging this as containing “AOU spoilers” is perhaps a bit of a stretch. But I’ve seen the trailers, of course, and read some of the speculation, especially about “That Farm” and the people on it -- it is those that inspired this tale. So if you want to remain completely unspoiled for anything you might see, do not read further until you have seen the film.

I have no illusions that any of this – including the powers I’m ascribing to Scarlett Witch or to the Mind Gem in Loki’s sceptre – will turn up as part of MCU, or are comics canon. Nor is this intended as the opening shot of a shipping war, character erasure, or anything of such a silly nature. Consider this an AU, a work of highly speculative (fan) fiction; what it boils down to is that this is a story I wanted to tell, as a fan of both Hawkeye and the Black Widow, and the things their stories and experiences bring to the Avengers.

The title is taken from John Mellencamp’s eponymous song; [ profile] spyforaday may not even remember suggesting it to me as a “Clint-type of song" but she did, so this story is for her. Infinite thanks are due to my BFF Runawaymetaphor and to [ profile] geckoholic, who collectively made this much better than it started out.

alphaflyer: (Hawkeye Aja silhouette)
Title:  "Whistle Stop"
Author: [ profile] alphaflyer
Rating: PG-13
Category: Gen, Crossover (Guardians of the Galaxy)
Characters: Clint Barton, Yondu Udonta (cameo/background appearances by Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers and Peter Quill)
Relationships: Clint/Natasha (implied)
Beta: [ profile] kylen

Summary: Clint is asleep on the couch when the spaceship lands on the helipad.

For [ profile] jrbarton.

Read it on AO3 or FFN
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A [ profile] towerparty speed challenge flashfic, written to [ profile] geckoholic’s prompt “we live or die together.”

Toast )
alphaflyer: (Hawkeye Aja silhouette)
Author’s Note:  Written for the [ profile] be_compromised Valentine's Day Promptathon, for a prompt from [ profile] franztastisch:  “Valentine’s Day  is the only day Natasha lets Clint defend her in non-life-or-death situations. Valentine's Day normally ends with Clint getting into a fight.”  Maybe not quite on target, but I hope it will do.

It's also on AO3, as Chapter 17 of "Moments."

Roses Are Red, Widows Are Black )
alphaflyer: (Central Park 2)
Title: Day of Saints and Sinners
Rating: T
Warnings: Language, some pretty awful childhood stuff (canon, not graphic)
Summary:  February is the cruellest month -- until it isn't.

Author's note: Written for the [ profile] be_compromised Valentine's promptathon, to prompts from [ profile] happilydancing (“Valentines Day the year before they met, the year they met, and the year after they met (or increments of 5 years)" -- I got that one almost right) and [ profile] scribble_myname (“Every February 14th, they have to fend off the meddling matchmakers.”

Read it on AO3 or FFN
alphaflyer: (Maria and Clint)
Title: A Walk in the Park
Author: alphaflyer
Characters/Relationships: Clint Barton & Maria Hill (background Natasha Romanoff, Alexander Pierce
Warnings: Professional assassin, doing his thing. With predictable results.
Summary: Clint Barton has complaints, and a job to do; Maria Hill has a ringside seat.

Author's note: This started out as a response to tielan's lob in a game of fandom tennis; it ended up checking off a square in my trope bingo ("road trip").

Read it here on AO3, with illustrations, or on FFN, without but with a cool cover photo.  (All photos mine.)
alphaflyer: (Melinda/Maria)
Okay, so I'm nuts.  Signing up ...

Dear Author who might write me a story (or want me to write one):

Here's what I like in my female characters: BAMFyness; intelligence; competence; friendship; respect; banter; humour; snark; willingness to unleash her inner girl occasionally.

What I don't like (but if you did, you probably wouldn't be here):  woobification.

Relationships with men (if you want to go there, and that's fine because I love my boys, too): equality (I don't thrive on fics where competence is a zero sum game); respect; romance and sex yes, but also friendship.  Eyerolls at the things guys do are perfectly natural acceptable. Sex is fine.

Relationships with other women: Friendship (I'm not a huge slash fan, tbh), collegiality, camaraderie, mentorship, partnership, fun times and fighting together.

Squicks/no go's:  Non/dub-con; A/B/O; mpreg; major character death (OCs are ok); torture and graphic violence; baby!fic.
alphaflyer: (Hawkeye Aja silhouette)
Title: Double Deuce
Characters/Relationships: Tony Stark, Peter Quill, Natasha Romanoff (Tony/Pepper and Natasha/Clint implied)
Rating: T
Warnings: None
Summary: Tony really should know better than walk into another bar the week before Christmas.

Author's Note: This was written for [ profile] igrockspock's holiday exchange, for [ profile] enkanowen, based on the irresistible prompt "Tony Stark and Peter Quill walk into a bar."  My first time writing Tony POV ... Lord, that man can be a snob. Thanks to [ profile] igrockspock for organizing this, and getting me out of my Clint/Natasha comfort zone!

Read on AO3 here or on FFN here.
alphaflyer: (Hawkeye Aja silhouette)
Title:  Hello Darkness
Rating:  T (PG-13)
Warning: none really, except for some swearing and reference to canon-consistent past child abuse
Characters/Pairing: Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff
Summary:  The worst thing is the silence.

Note: This was written for [ profile] sgteam14283, for the [ profile] be_compromised Secret Santa. I originally had another of her prompts in mind, but somehow that request for ‘anything deaf!Clint related’ would not be denied. It’s perhaps a tad angstier than usual for a holiday exchange, but that’s the story that wanted out. To compensate, I gave a bit of a nod to her other request – Clint and Natasha on a mission, being the awesome spies they are.

This story is indebted to Fraction’s brilliant “Hawkeye #19” (but not really comics ‘verse); the title is drawn from Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sounds of Silence.” It also echoes the events in "Locust Wind", but you’d have to squint pretty hard to make things fit.  Thanks to my awesome beta, [ profile] shenshen77, and to [ profile] ohmydarlingdear for the great banner.

Read it here on AO3

In other news, I finished a piece for [ profile] igrockspock's friends exchange today so I'm kind of creatively spent.  I owe a couple of days on my December meme but will try and catch up with the requests tomorrow, especially since they're really good ones!
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[ profile] scribble_myname wanted to know about fanfic tropes I like or dislike.  Now, I know that [ profile] findthesea answered a similar question earlier, and given that I just finished baking 4 kinds of cookies, made a lamb stew, put up with my mother-in-law for a good chunk of the day and considered wrapping Christmas presents (that didn't last long) I won't be nearly as articulate as she was.

Likes?  Friends/partners-to-lovers, provided there's a bit of a plot involved and some thought went into the narrative and the characters.  (Not so fond of stories where my OPT spend two paragraphs coming off a nebulous mission and then 25 paragraphs ... coming.  I mean, I like porn as much as the next fic reader, but with some context, please.)

Dislikes?  I think it's the tropes relating to characters that get to me the most.  Like these:  Clint is a buffoon. Natasha is a scary witch that no one dares talk to, for fear she might scoop out their eyeballs with a spoon.  Thor is a dimwit with a big smile, sort of like a hushpuppy with flowing locks who eats nothing but pop tarts.  And some of the turns of phrase that are being perpetuated like a bad chorus:  "He lets out a breath he didn't know he'd been holding."  (I admit to having been guilty of that one early on in my writing, once or twice, but I'm clean now.)  Those infernal duelling, battling tongues.  The Big Four Os offered to female partners as proof positive that the male super hero is a super stud (regardless of what battles they've just come off of).

Sorry, not very erudite here but my brain is mush and I still have to bake two more kinds of cookie, plus another exchange story to write. (And mother in law is still here...)<3
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A day late, but sometimes RL just gets in the way.  (This week, it was Annoyingly Present throughout.)

But -- here we are, better late than never!  I had twelve trick-or-treaters, so two 5+1 stories seemed the logical way, and then [ profile] topaz119 reminded me of the virtues of the 100-word drabble.  Each little piece is a separate "treat" for six of my LJ friends -- collected here for easy reference.  The second batch will (hopefully) follow tomorrow!  :-)

Five Times Natasha Romanoff Ignored Clint Barton (And One Time She Didn’t) )
alphaflyer: (Hawkeye Aja silhouette)
Title: Locust Wind
Author name: [ profile] alphaflyer
Beta name: [ profile] jrbarton
Characters/Pairing: Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff; James Bond; Nick Fury; M; Eve Moneypenny; Q
Fandom/Universe: Avengers/MCU, James Bond (Fusion)
Rating: PG13
Word count:  app. 31,500
Warnings: None (canon-typical violence)
Summary: "For decades, HYDRA has been secretly feeding crises, weeping war."
Following the traumatic events in Greenwich, it's becoming clear that not everything that came out of the rift went back in -- and somebody is seizing the opportunity. Once again, MI-6's and SHIELD's top agents, now with the addition of the Black Widow, find themselves thrown together, facing ... what, exactly?
A sequel to last year's MBB story "Second Mouse"

Fanworker name: [ profile] inkvoices
Rating of fanwork: PG13
Fanwork master post: Art for Locust Wind

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Another day, another irresistible cliché-subversion prompt.  I blame [ profile] morrighangw for "Fake!married -- go!".  (And blast it -- I'd already filled my fake!married square for the cliché bingo ...  grrrr!)

Here goes.

The Petard )
alphaflyer: (Hawkeye Aja silhouette)
So, [ profile] be_compromised had a subvert-that-cliche ficathon thingy, and [ profile] happilydancing said that she'd like to see the cliche that Clint had trouble after being brainwashed subverted.

Of course, in my own head canon he DID have some trouble (see, inter alia, Going to Ground) but I though hey, why not?  Marvel God Kevin Feige Himself said Hawkeye didn't have anything like the issues Erik "look-Ma-no-pants" Selvig did, so.

Bruises, Not Scars )
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FIC: Good Morning, New York!
Pairing: Clint/Natasha
Characters: Clint Barton, Natasha Romanov, JARVIS. Maria Hill and Pepper Potts (background)
Rating: T
Warnings: None
Sunnary: Assassins.  Day time TV.  A recipe for ... what, exactly?

Written for the [ profile] be_compromised promptathon, for prompts from [ profile] scribble_myname, [ profile] hufflepuffsneak and [ profile] happilydancing -- also fills in a square for my trope bingo. (I believe in multi-tasking ...)

Anyone looking for something profound will be sorely disappointed.


“Five minutes to cameras rolling. You look fabulous, you two. Just gorgeous.”

The hostess’ words are probably meant to be reassuring, but Clint is clearly not buying.

“Yeah? Then why’d you try and put eyeliner on me? That face make-up was bad enough. I’m gonna have to scrape that shit off with a spatula.”

The woman bats her lashes at him in a way that makes Natasha want to reach for her bracelets.

“But you have such gorgeous eyes, Mr. Barton. Such a gorgeous colour. It’s a shame not to emphasize your best asset.”

The inarticulate noise Clint makes in response falls somewhere between What Did I Just Step In? and Hulk meets Loki. Natasha, for her part, wonders just how the woman managed to miss Clint’s arms. No matter. She puts her hand on her partner’s shoulder.

“Clint. Relax.”

“I am relaxed. You should see me when I’m tense.”

Of course Natasha has -- rather often actually -- but arguing the point would be counter-productive. Clint has spared no one (including the hapless guy tasked with trying to keep his hair from sticking up) his opinion about being strong-armed into playing nice in front of a camera.

“The Mandarin incident and the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. have given both the Avengers Initiative and Stark Industries a bad name. The brand needs to be repositioned in a more positive light,” Pepper’s e-mail had said. “We need you to help us out a little. And no, Clint, PR is not short for prostitution.”

Hill’s message had been just as direct.

“This is a prophylactic effort,” it had said, “to help people overlook the damage you lot will doubtless cause the next time there’s trouble. Consider this a service to humanity. Hard as it might be for be for anyone to see you in that light, Barton.”

Clint, who prefers short, Fury-type explanations (“he needs killing”) had stopped reading halfway through.

“Yeah, and you know where Hill can stick that prophylactic of hers?”

But, free rent is free rent, the (former) boss is still kind of the boss, and so here they are, an hour later, Clint still sputtering.

Read more on AO3
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