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Aug. 2nd, 2015

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Title: Homeward Bound:  The Adventures of the USS Avenger in the Delta Quadrant
Author: [ profile] alphaflyer
A Gift For: [ profile] celeste9
Rating:  Teen
Warnings: None (some off-screen death and movie-level cataclysms
Prompt used: I really, really love team fic, so please feel free to include any other characters you like. I enjoy clever AUs where the characters still remain recognizable in different circumstances... And here was the ringer, the thing that made me jump at Celeste's prompt: Star Trek fusion with Clint and Natasha in Starfleet. How could I resist...
Summary: Sent to track the rebel ship Black Widow and to try and persuade her captain and certain of her crew members to work with Starfleet in defeating the Chitauri invaders, the USS Avenger under Captain S. Rogers finds itself displaced to the other side of the galaxy.
Author Notes: This prompt was a no-brainer for me, since I already had my cast of AU characters all lined up thanks to a request I picked up during last year's December Talking Meme. Plus, my first two years in fandom I wrote exclusively for Star Trek: Voyager, so... :-)

Of course, though, I would pick a topic that begs to be a $#%&ing epic, in a summer when RL is kicking me in the teeth with, among other things, a transatlantic move.  Needless to say, the epic did not happen.  But I think I got enough of the story together to give my giftee a sense of where it is headed (with a bit of interim closure) -- and there's a promise that there will be more to come!! (Right after I get my MarvelBang under some kind of control...)

I hope my Giftee will forgive me that this isn't complete.  Me, I'm just happy that I managed to slide in under the wire...

Homeward Bound: The Adventures of the USS Avenger in the Delta Quadrant (Parts 1 and 2) )
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