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Posting this for [ profile] geckoholic, who has been having issues with her LJ not behaving.


I’m beyond certain I’ll regret doing this at some point or other, but hey, whatever. I am doing it. Or we are, I hope, because I need y’all to participate in order to make this fun. I obviously can’t swing it alone.

If you are new to fic exchanges, I highly recommend referring to [ profile] flyingcarpet's fantastic Guide to Participating in Fic Exchanges, from Someone Who Knows for all you need to know.

Before you read any further, please be aware that this is a shippy exchange. If you participate, you must be prepared to give and receive content that depicts the Hawkeyes (Clint Barton and Kate Bishop from the Marvel comics universe) in a romantic relationship with one another. Not platonic. Not being bros. Romantic, and possibly sexual.

This exchange is supposed to be lowkey and easy-going, so I didn’t set up a separate account. You don’t have to follow me to participate, though. You can track #hawkeyesxmas2016 for updates, and I’ll send out important announcements via email for all signed up participants.


If you request something, you must be willing to create something for someone else in return. Keep the identity of your giftee secret; they’re not supposed to know who you are until you post.

You do not have to have an AO3 account to participate, but a valid email address and a tumblr account are necessary.

Please use this form when submitting your requests. You can give prompts, but those will be optional for your gifter. Every participant is bound, however, to respect the DNWs (DNW = DoNotWant) their giftee mentions in their signup.

Fics should be a minimum of 1000 words and complete upon submission. Multi-part fics are acceptable, but they must be completely written when they’re submitted (meaning: I need to see all the parts by the deadline) and completely posted within the posting period. Requirements for art are as follows: one piece of traditional or digitally drawn art of a reasonable size (500 px in the square, at least) OR a playlist with at least six songs and a cover OR a photo set that contains at least eight images that have been visibly altered and edited to create something beyond mere cropping and coloring (mood boards, AU gif or photo sets, etc.). You’re free to write longer fic or add more items of art to your submission, if you’d like to, but those are the minimum requirements everyone has to produce.

Please note that you will not be able to choose whether you want to be gifted with art or fic. If you offer prompts in your signup, please make sure at least some of them can be interpreted for any medium, and keep this in mind for your likes and DNWs too.

You may post a dear-creator-letter after you signed up if you like, and expand on your likes or give more prompts. If you do, please put it in the #hawkeyesxmas2016 tag so both me and your gifter can find it. Every participant or lurker is encouraged to track these letters as well and post treats during the posting period; those don’t have to adhere to the minimum requirements, they just have to be addressed to the giftee whose prompts or likes you used. More content is a good thing, right? :D

By the time submissions are due, I’ll need the completed item from you. Fics won’t have to be beta’d and art can still be in need of finishing touches, you can still fiddle with it before you post, but it should otherwise be finished. If you miss the submission deadline, you will get one reminder via email. If you ignore that as well, I will pass your assignment on to a pinch hitter (or maybe cover it myself; that is a possibility and I think I should make y’all aware of beforehand :P). You may still complete your submission at a later date and post it after the official exchange is done, but you will be out of the exchange and get a strike that excludes you from participating in next year’s round.

Please submit all items to as an attachment (for fic, please stick to word documents or RTF files; for art, please use common formats like PNG or JPG) by the submission deadline.

All fic MUST be beta-read by the time it is officially posted. If you cannot find a beta-reader, please let me know so I can see if I can find one for you.

The submissions are required so I can be sure that everyone’s done and ready for posting, and so that I can assign pinchhitters if needed. But you will post your items yourself, during the posting period, using the tag#hawkeyesxmas2016.

There is an AO3 collection for the exchange here.

To signup you MUST be 18 or older. I don’t want to put anyone in the position of writing or drawing NC-17 content for a minor, nor do I want to give a NC-17 request to a minor to fill. You will have to confirm in your request that you are 18 or older.

Please email the me via if you think you will need an extension. Please do not wait until the last minute. Be honest with me, give me a valid reason, and I’ll give you the extra time you need. Dropping out without any warning could result in banishment from future exchanges.

Dates for Round 1 (Christmas 2016)

Sign-ups open: October 10th
Sign-ups close: October 24th
Assignments sent: October 31st at the latest
Submissions due: December 15th
Posting period: December 20th - December 31st

Now go forth, my lovelies, and sign up. And most importantly: HAVE FUN, EVERYONE!


And, a note from your sponsor:  I SIGNED UP.  A foray into a new dimension -- shipping Clint with someone who is NOT Natasha.  Or Laura.  Or Bobbi.  Or Melinda May.  Or ... You know what?  I think I can do this!!

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