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So, you've joined this wonderful exchange that is no doubt going to include the coolest chicks on LJ and AO3 (or anywhere, really)?  Hee.  So have I! Let's make fun fics together!

So for asks I listed three fandoms, one Bourne, two Marvel.  Happy for crossovers among them!  (Also, if you pick the Marvel ones, feel free to insert other MCU like Agents of SHIELD or Guardians of the Galaxy -- what's not to love...! What happens when the tree that turned up overnight in front of the Mansion starts to talk?)

I'm open to all sorts of relationships, because I love exploring different dynamics, but don't expect them to be necessarily romantic -- so don't feel the need to write them that way.  So much more fun to write friendship, snark, or head-butting, IMHO. Not a huge fan of slash anyway, especially the Big Three, Steve/Bucky, Steve/Tony or Clint/Coulson.  Male or female friendship is great!

No-go's for both writing and receiving include graphic violence, torture, death!fic (killing off evildoers is fine), sexual violence, A/B/O, or baby!fic.  I'm also not big on threesomes or polyamory.

I like reading mission!fic, snark, banter, unexpected situations (from hardened pros being forced into an IKEA, or Doreen the cafeteria lady turning out to be a multi-fanged alien); post-movie tags with or without angst.  Bureaucracy interfering -- or assisting -- with avenging (oh hey, they just made a movie about that!)

Prompts?  Oh, anything coming out of Cap3. What happens after Cap springs his teammates from the raft?  Does Clint go home to Laura and the kids?  Does he meet Natasha in a cafe in Florence?  Does Pepper tell Tony he's blown all his chances, or does she come back to fix him up again?  Will Vision need to buy new sweaters?

Or Kate... This time Clint is really in for it.  Seriously.  That woman in the shower -- who the hell is she?  And ... Just how did she end up babysitting both a dog AND a cat?

But really -- do what you want (except for those no-go's).  I'm sure I'll love it!  Have fun!
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